BSDM Domain Skill Courses List PDF Download

BSDM Domain Skill Courses List PDF Download Link is available at the end of the post. See the complete List of BSDM Domain Skill Courses 2023.

The Bihar government has started a new program named Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM). The main focus of the course is the empowerment of the youth of Bihar by enhancing their skill in different fields. With the help of the skillset gained by the candidate, it will be easier to get a job. Accordingly, candidates can choose any of the Domain Skilling Courses, Kushal Yuva Program (KYP) Courses, or RTD Courses. Interesting candidates can apply for their interesting courses. The applications are now open. The list of Courses is given below you can choose according to your interest.

BSDM Domain Skill Courses List 2023 PDF

Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) has been constituted by The Government of Bihar to empower the youth by providing them with the requisite skills to fuel the growth of the State of Bihar.

The primary roles of BSDM are:

  • To establish a wide network of training centers for the youth
  • To provide employment opportunities to the youth

BSDM Domain Skill Courses List

BSBM Course covers many different types of skills. These are available for citizens of the state of Bihar. Anyone that fits the eligibility criteria can apply for the courses. The list of all the courses under BSDM Domain Skill Courses is given below with respect to their sectors. You can choose the course that fits your skill so you can become an expert in the particular field. With the Certificate, it is easier to obtain Jobs in the private sector. The approved Courses List Under Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) is given below.

BSDM Domain Skills List of Courses




  • Auto Service Technician (Two & Three-wheelers) – Click Here
  • Commercial Vehicle Driver Level 4 – Click Here
  • Auto Service Technician Level 4 – Click Here

Beauty and Wellness


Capital Goods

  • Flux-cored Arc Welder Semi-Automatic – Click Here
  • CNC Operator Turning – Click Here
  • Fitter – Fabrication – Click Here
  • Grinder-Hand and handheld power tools – Click Here
  • Manual Metal Arc welding/Shielded Metal Arc Welding Welder – Click Here


Domestic Workers

Housekeeper cum Cook – Click Here


  • CCTV Installation Technician – Click Here
  • DTH Set Top Box Installation & Service Technician – Click Here
  • Field Engineer – RACW – Click Here
  • Field Technician – Networking and Storage – Click Here
  • Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician – Click Here
  • Field Technician – Computing and Peripherals – Click Here

Food Processing

Furniture & Fitting

Gems and jewelry

Green Jobs

Solar PV installer – Suryamitra – Click Here



  • Building Automation Specialist – Click Here
  • Calibration Technician – Click Here
  • Calibration Technician (Thermal) – Click Here
  • CCTV Installation Technician – Click Here
  • DAS Set – Top Box Installer and Service Technician – Click Here
  • DTH Set – Top Box Installer and Service Technician – Click Here
  • Industrial Automation Specialist – Click Here
  • Instrumentation Technician (Control Valve) – Click Here
  • Jr. Instrumentation Technician (Process Control) – Click Here

Iron & Steel



Life Science

Medical Sales Representative – Click Here







Ring Frame Doffer – Click Here

Tourism and Hospitality

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Currently avilable courses under Domain Skilling:

GTP Courses:

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