Maha Vir Chakra Winners List from 1947 to 2023 PDF Download

Maha Vir Chakra Winners List from 1947 to 2023 PDF Download link is available at the end of the post. Check out the Complete List Of Maha Vir Chakra Winners from 1947 to 2023.

Hello readers, in this article we are sharing the Maha Vir Chakra Winners List from 1947 to 2023 PDF. Maha Vir Chakra award is Awarded for conspicuous gallantry in the presence of the enemy whether on land, at sea, or in the air. This is the second-highest award in the Military. Many students of competitive exams and the patriot type people seek the list of Maha Vir Chakra Winners List. So, here we are coming to a complete list of the Maha Vir Chakra Winners List from 1947 to 2023. To grab more information read this article till the end.

Maha Vir Chakra Winners List PDF

Mahavir Chakra was instituted on 26 January 1950 for the Indian military personnel for acts of gallantry (courage) in war. So far, around 129 army personnel have been honored with the award till 21 October 2022. It can also be awarded posthumously, so far 74 military personnel have been awarded posthumously. The highest number of awards are given in Indo-Pak 1971 war for operation Cactus-Lilly. This is a very honorable award for military personnel.

3 The first Maha Vir Chakra Award was given to Lieutenant Colonel Dewan Ranjit Rai on 27 October 1947 for gallantry in Indo Pak Kashmir War 1947. There are 129 military members on the list of Maha Vir Chakra winners. Six military members who have received the Maha Vir Chakra twice are also listed among the winners. list. So, get the complete list of the Maha Vir Chakra Winners List from 1947 to 2022 is given below.

List Of the Maha Vir Chakra Winners from 1947 to 2023

To get the complete list of the Maha Vir Chakra Winners from 1947 to 2023,  look at the below table:-

S. No. Rank Name Date of Award
1 Lieutenant Colonel Dewan Ranjit Rai 27-Oct-1947
2 Sepoy Dewan Singh Danu 03-Nov-1947
3 Naik Chand Singh 22-Nov-1947
4 Subedar Bishan Singh 12-Dec-1947
5 Jemadar Nand Singh 12-Dec-1947
6 Civilian Ram Chander 26-Jan-1950
7 Major Yadunath Singh 26-Jan-1950
8 Lieutenant Colonel IJS Butalia 26-Jan-1950
9 Lieutenant Colonel Khushal Chand 26-Jan-1950
10 Brigadier Mohammad Usman 26-Jan-1950
11 Lieutenant General Man Mohan Khanna 26-Jan-1950
12 Brigadier Rajendra Singh 26-Jan-1950
13 Lieutenant Colonel Thakur Prithi Chand 26-Jan-1950
14 Major Annavi Krishnaswamy Ramaswamy 26-Jan-1950
15 Sepoy Man Singh 26-Jan-1950
16 Havildar Daya Ram 26-Jan-1950
17 Colonel Kishan Singh Rathore 26-Jan-1950
18 Subedar-major Krishna Sonawale 26-Jan-1950
19 Major Sardar Malkit Singh Brar 26-Jan-1950
20 Major Satya Pal Chopra 26-Jan-1950
21 Lieutenant Colonel Hari Chand 26-Jan-1950
22 Sepoy Hari Singh 17-Mar-1948
23 Subedar Gurdial Singh 26-Jan-1950
24 Major General Rajinder Singh Sparrow 26-Jan-1950
25 Brigadier Arvind Nilkanth Jatar 26-Jan-1950
26 Naik Sis Pal Singh 26-Jan-1950
27 Rifleman Dhonkal Singh 26-Jan-1950
28 Lieutenant Colonel Kaman Singh 26-Jan-1950
29 Jemadar Lal Bahadur Khattri 26-Jan-1952
30 Jemadar Hardev Singh 26-Jan-1950
31 Naik Nar Singh 26-Jan-1950
32 Naik Raju 26-Jan-1950
33 Subedar Chuna Ram 26-Jan-1950
34 Civilian Porter Mohd Ismail 26-Jan-1950
35 Sepoy Amar Singh 26-Jan-1950
36 Major Chewang Rinchen 01-Jul-1948
37 Naik Pritam Singh 26-Jan-1950
38 Jemadar Sampooran Singh 26-Jan-1950
39 Brigadier Sher Jung Thapa 26-Jan-1950
40 Subedar Fateh Singh 26-Jan-1950
41 Lieutenant Colonel Harbans Singh Virk 26-Jan-1950
42 Lieutenant General Anil Krishna Barat 26-Jan-1950
43 Lance Naik Rabi Lal Thapa 26-Jan-1950
44 Lieutenant Colonel Dharam Singh 26-Jan-1950
45 Major General Anant Singh Pathania 26-Jan-1950
46 Havildar Ram Parsad Gurung 26-Jan-1950
47 Jemadar Lal Singh 15-Nov-1948
48 Brigadier Kanhya Lal Atal 26-Jan-1950
49 Captain Dara Dinshaw Mistry 26-Jan-1950
50 Air Commodore Mehar Singh 26-Jan-1950
51 Air Marshal Minoo Merwan Engineer 26-Jan-1950
52 Wing Commander SB Noronha 26-Jan-1950
53 Lieutenant Colonel AG Rangaraj 24-Mar-1951
54 Colonel Nirod Baran Banerjee March-1951
55 Air Chief Marshal Hrushikesh Moolgavkar 08-Dec-1951
56 Lance Naik Ran Bahadur Gurung 06-Dec-1961
57 Naik Mahabir Thapa 16-Dec-1961
58 Wing Commander Jag Mohan Nath 01-Jan-1962
59 Naik Chain Singh 10-Oct-1962
60 Subedar Kanshi Ram 10-Oct-1962
61 Havildar Saroop Singh 19-Oct-1962
62 Lieutenant Colonel Bhagwan Dutt Dogra 20-Oct-1962
63 Second lieutenant Gopalkrishna Venkatesa Prasanna Rao 20-Oct-1962
64 Lieutenant Colonel Gurdial Singh 20-Oct-1962
65 Captain Mahabir Prasad 20-Oct-1962
66 Major Mahander Singh Chaudhary 20-Oct-1962
67 Lieutenant Colonel Sardul Singh Randhawa 20-Oct-1962
68 Brigadier Sher Pratap Singh Shrikent 20-Oct-1962
69 Subedar Sonam Stobdan 20-Oct-1962
70 General Tapishwar Narain Raina 20-Oct-1962
71 Naib Subedar (Honorary Subedar) Rabi Lal Thapa 21-Oct-1962
72 Colonel Ajit Singh 22-Oct-1962
73 Major General Bejoy Mohan Bhattacharjea 25-Oct-1962
74 Sepoy Kewal Singh 26-Oct-1962
75 Havildar Stanzin Phunchok 27-Oct-1962
76 Jemadar Isht Tundup 27-Oct-1962
77 Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat 17-Nov-1962
78 Major Shyamal Dev Goswamy 18-Nov-1962
79 Lieutenant Ved Prakash Trehan 29-Dec-1962
80 Major General Sushil Kumar Mathur 15-Apr-1965
81 Major Baljit Singh Randhawa 17-May-1965
82 Captain Chander Narain Singh 05-Aug-1965
83 Major General Sarup Singh Kalaan 05-Aug-1965
84 Lieutenant General Ram Dharam Dass Hira 05-Aug-1965
85 Lieutenant General Zorawar Chand Bakshi 05-Aug-1965
86 Colonel Gurbans Singh Sangha 15-Aug-1965
87 Lieutenant General Ranjit Singh Dyal 25-Aug-1965
88 Major Bhaskar Roy 01-Sep-1965
89 Wing Commander Jag Mohan Nath 01-Sep-1965
90 Air Commodore William Mac Donald Goodman 01-Sep-1965
91 Subedar Ajit Singh 06-Sep-1965
92 Brigadier Desmond Hayde 06-Sep-1965
93 Major Gurbaksh Singh 06-Sep-1965
94 Major Rajinder Singh Sparrow 06-Sep-1965
95 Lieutenant General Har Krishen Sibal 06-Sep-1965
96 Lieutenant General Khem Karan Singh 06-Sep-1965
97 Lieutenant Colonel Narindera Nath Khanna 06-Sep-1965
98 Wing Commander Padmanabha Gautam 06-Sep-1965
99 Air Marshal Prem Pal Singh 06-Sep-1965
100 Brigadier Raghubir Singh 07-Sep-1965
101 Lieutenant Colonel Harbans Lal Mehta 08-Sep-1965
102 Naib Subedar (Hon. Subedar) Naubat Ram 08-Sep-1965
103 Brigadier Thomas Krishnan Theogaraj 08-Sep-1965
104 Major Mohindar Singh 09-Sep-1965
105 Brigadier Sampuran Singh 09-Sep-1965
106 Major General Salim Caleb 10-Sep-1965
107 Major General Madan Mohan Singh Bakshi 11-Sep-1965
108 General Arun Shridhar Vaidya 16-Sep-1965
109 Major Asaram Tyagi 21-Sep-1965
110 Captain Kapil Singh Thapa 21-Sep-1965
111 Brigadier Pagadala Kuppuswamy Nandagopal 28-Sep-1965
112 Subedar Tika Bahadur Thapa 30-Sep-1965
113 Major Bhupinder Singh 11-Oct-1965
114 Naik Darshan Singh 02-Nov-1965
115 Captain Gautam Mubayi 02-Nov-1965
116 Brigadier Sant Singh 02-Nov-1965
117 Major Harbhajan Singh 11-Sep-1967
118 Brigadier Rai Singh 11-Sep-1967
119 Lieutenant Colonel Mahatam Singh 01-Oct-1967
120 Lieutenant General Anand Sarup 01-Jan-1971
121 Brigadier Arun Bhimrao Harolikar 01-Jan-1971
122 Major General Anthony Harold Edward Michigan 01-Jan-1971
123 Major General Hardev Singh Kaler 01-Jan-1971
124 Captain Mohan Narayan Rao Samant 01-Jan-1971
125 Brigadier Rajkumar Singh 01-Jan-1971
126 Lieutenant Colonel Surinder Kapur 01-Jan-1971
127 Lance Naik Ram Ugrah Pandey 24-Nov-1971
128 Sepoy Ansuya Prasad 30-Nov-1971
129 Rifleman Pati Ram Gurung 30-Nov-1971
130 Major Shamsher Singh 01-Dec-1971
131 Vice Admiral Swaraj Parkash 01-Dec-1971
132 Major Anup Singh Gahlaut 03-Dec-1971
133 Brigadier Basdev Singh Mankotia 03-Dec-1971
134 Major General Anant Vishwanath Natu 03-Dec-1971
135 Major General Kashmiri Lal Rattan 03-Dec-1971
136 Major General Prem Kumar Khanna 03-Dec-1971
137 Lieutenant Colonel Jaivir Singh 03-Dec-1971
138 Air Vice-Marshal Vidya Bhushan Vasisht 03-Dec-1971
139 Group Captain Allan Albert D’Costa 04-Dec-1971
140 Subedar-major & Honorary Captain Bir Bahadur Pun 04-Dec-1971
141 Commodore Kasargod Patnashetti Gopal Rao 04-Dec-1971
142 General Arun Shridhar Vaidya 05-Dec-1971
143 Commodore Babru Bhan Yadav 05-Dec-1971
144 Captain Devinder Singh Ahlawat 05-Dec-1971
145 Lieutenant General Krishnaswamy Gowri Shankar 05-Dec-1971
146 Brigadier Kuldip Singh Chandpuri 05-Dec-1971
147 Brigadier Narinder Singh Sandhu 05-Dec-1971
148 Wing Commander Padmanabha Gautam 05-Dec-1971
149 Air Marshal Ravinder Nath Bhardwaj 05-Dec-1971
150 Lieutenant Colonel Sawai Bhawani Singh 05-Dec-1971
151 Lieutenant General Joginder Singh Gharaya 06-Dec-1971
152 Brigadier Kailash Prasad Pande 06-Dec-1971
153 Brigadier Mohindar Lal Whig 06-Dec-1971
154 Sepoy Pandurang Salunkhe 06-Dec-1971
155 Air Vice-Marshal Chandan Singh 07-Dec-1971
156 Lieutenant Colonel Chittoor Venugopal 07-Dec-1971
157 Lieutenant General Joginder Singh Bakshi 07-Dec-1971
158 Subedar-major Mohinder Singh 07-Dec-1971
159 Major Chewang Rinchen 08-Dec-1971
160 Petty Officer Chiman Singh 08-Dec-1971
161 Commander Joseph Pius Alfred Noronha 08-Dec-1971
162 Brigadier Udai Singh Bhati 08-Dec-1971
163 Captain Mahendra Nath Mulla 09-Dec-1971
164 Naik Sugan Singh 09-Dec-1971
165 Brigadier Rattan Nath Sharma 10-Dec-1971
166 Lieutenant Colonel Harish Chandra Pathak 11-Dec-1971
167 Major Kulwant Singh Pannu 11-Dec-1971
168 Brigadier Sukhjit Singh 11-Dec-1971
169 Major Vijay Rattan Choudhry 11-Dec-1971
170 Lance Naik Drig Pal Singh 13-Dec-1971
171 Captain Pradip Kumar Gour 14-Dec-1971
172 Brigadier Amarjit Singh Bal 15-Dec-1971
173 Havildar & Honorary Captain Thomas Philipose 15-Dec-1971
174 Lieutenant Colonel Ved Prakash Ghai 15-Dec-1971
175 Lieutenant General Hanut Singh 16-Dec-1971
176 Lieutenant General Raj Mohan Vohra 16-Dec-1971
177 Captain Shankar Rao Shankhapan Walkar 16-Dec-1971
178 Air Vice-Marshal Cecil Vivian Parker 17-Dec-1971
179 Air Commodore Harcharan Singh Manget 17-Dec-1971
180 Air Vice-Marshal Madhavendra Banerji 17-Dec-1971
181 Subedar Malkiat Singh 17-Dec-1971
182 Group Captain Man Mohan Bir Singh Talwar 17-Dec-1971
183 Air Commodore Ramesh Sakharam Benegal 17-Dec-1971
184 Second Lieutenant Shamsher Singh Samra 17-Dec-1971
185 Lance Naik Shanghara Singh 17-Dec-1971
186 Lance Havildar Dil Bahadur Chettri 21-Dec-1971
187 Rear Admiral Santosh Kumar Gupta 21-Dec-1971
188 Brigadier Vijay Kumar Berry 28-Dec-1971
189 Air Chief Marshal S. K. Kaul 30-Dec-1971
190 Subedar Nar Bahadur Chhetri 31-Dec-1971
191 Colonel Dharam Vir Singh 01-Jan-1972
192 Brigadier Sant Singh 02-Jan-1972
193 Major Daljit Singh Narang 20-Jan-1972
194 Lieutenant General Ved Prakash Airy 20-Jan-1972
195 Assistant commandant Ram Krishna Wadhwa 10-Dec-1971
196 Lieutenant Colonel Puttichanda Somaiah Ganapathi 16-Oct-1987
197 Brigadier Manjit Singh 19-Oct-1987
198 Lieutenant Arvind Singh 22-Jan-1988
199 Squadron Leader Ajjamada B. Devaiah 26-Jan-1988
200 Colonel Krishna Gopal Chatterjee 26-Jan-1988
201 Lance Havildar Nar Bahadur Ale 26-Jan-1988
202 Naik Prem Bahadur Gurung 26-Jan-1988
203 Subedar Sansar Chand 26-Jan-1988
204 Lieutenant Colonel Inder Bal Singh Bawa 02-Apr-1988
205 Second Lieutenant Rajeev Sandhu 19-Jul-1988
206 Captain Pratap Singh 1989
207 Colonel Vijay Kumar Bakshi 29-Mar-1989
208 Captain Anuj Nayyar 01-Jan-1999
209 Major Balwan Singh 01-Jan-1999
210 Major Rajesh Singh Adhikari 01-Jan-1999
211 Lieutenant Colonel Sonam Wangchuk 01-Jan-1999
212 Captain Keishing Clifford Nongrun 01-Jan-1999
213 Naik Digendra Kumar 15-Aug-1999
214 Captain Neikezhakuo Kengurüse 15-Aug-1999
215 Major Padmapani Acharya 15-Aug-1999
216 Major Vivek Gupta 15-Aug-1999
217 Sepoy Imliakum Ao 26-Jan-2000
218 Captain Gurjinder Singh Suri 01-Jan-2001
219 Colonel B. Santosh Babu 26-Jan-2021

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