List of Navratri Colours 2023 PDF & Its Significance

Navratri Colour List PDF Download Link is available at the end of the post. See the complete List of Navratri 2023 Colours & Significance.

Navratri is celebrated twice every year in India. It is a Hindu festival celebrated in the months of Chaitra (March-April) and Sharda (October-November). Navratri means nine nights, in which the mother is worshiped for 9 days. And nine Navratri colors have been specified for these nine days. Each day is assigned a different color and each has its own significance. So let’s know, what is the importance of Navratri colors and what is the importance of which color in which Navratri.

Navratri Colours 2023 List PDF

As we told you that the nine days of Navratri are very important with different colors. People celebrate the festival by observing Nav Durga’s fast, especially women. They follow the special color of each day. This tradition is seen in most of the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. On this day, women keep their fast according to the color of the Navratri of the day and wear clothes of the same color. The festival of Navratri is considered very sacred in Hinduism. In the article below, you have been provided with the list of special colors for Navratri day and their importance.

Navratri Colours List & Its Significance  

This year Sharad Navratri is going to start on 15 October 2023. Here we are providing you with information about Navratri Colors List and its Significance. which are as follows –

Navratri  Day Dates  Navratri colors Significance
Ghatasthapana/Pratipada, Day 1 26 Sep  White Navratri First Day Goddess – Maa Shailputri
Dwitiya Day 2 27 Sep Red Navratri Second Day Goddess – Maa Brahmacharini
Tritiya Day 3 28 Sep Royal Blue Navratri Third Day Goddess – Maa Chandraghanta
Chaturthi Day 4 29 Sep Yellow Navratri Fourth Day Goddess – Maa Kushmanda
Panchami Day 5 30 Sep Green Navratri Fifth Day Goddess – Maa Skandmata
Sashti Day 6 1 Oct Grey Navratri Sixth Day Goddess – Maa Katyayani
Saptami Day 7 2 Oct ORANGE Navratri Seventh Day Goddess – Maa Kalaratri
Ashtami Day 8 3 Oct Peacock green Navratri Eighth Day Goddess – Maa Mahagauri
Navami Day 9 4 Oct Pink Navratri Ninth Day Goddess – Maa Siddhidatri

Here we have provided you the list of Navratri colors and their importance. If you have any other information or questions related to this, you can ask us through the comment below.


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