List of Important Mountain Passes In India PDF

A mountain pass is a navigable route passing through a mountain range. Let us tell you that the wide, narrow, and natural routes across the mountains, through which the mountains can be crossed, are called passes. Historically, these passes have played an important role in transportation, trade, war campaigns, and human migration. Some of the most important passes in the country are Joji La (pass), Banihal Pass, Shipki La (pass), Bara-Lacha Pass, Rohtang Pass, Mana Pass, Niti Pass, Nathu La (pass) and Jalap La (pass). Here we will provide you with a list of some of the most important passes in the country. You will also receive a direct link to download the list of important mountain passes in India PDF.

List of Important Mountain Passes In India
List of Important Mountain Passes In India

List of Important Mountain Passes In India

Name State Height (ft/m)
Aghil Pass Ladakh 16,333 ft (4,978 m)
Auden’s Col Uttarakhand 17,552 ft (5,350 m)
Banihal Pass Jammu and Kashmir 9,291 ft (2,832 m)
Bara-lacha-la Himachal Pradesh 16,400 ft (5,000 m)
Bilafond La Ladakh 17,881 ft (5,450 m)
Bomdila Arunachal Pradesh 7,273 ft (2,217 m)
Changla Pass Ladakh 17,585 ft (5,360 m)
Chankan Pass Arunachal Pradesh 7,874 ft (2,400 m)
Chanshal Pass Himachal Pradesh 14,830 ft (4,520 m)
Dehra Compass Ladakh 17,881 ft (5,450 m)
Debsa Pass Himachal Pradesh 17,520 ft (5,340 m)
Dihang Pass Arunachal Pradesh 16,965 ft (5,171 m)
Diphu Pass (Dipher Pass) Arunachal Pradesh 15,049 ft (4,587 m)
Dongkhala Sikkim 12,000 ft (3,700 m)
Fotu La Ladakh 13,451 ft (4,100 m)
Goecha La Sikkim 16,207 ft (4,940 m)
Gyong La Jammu and Kashmir 18,655 ft (5,686 m)
Haldighati Pass Rajasthan 1,227.03 ft (374.00 m)
Hpungan Pass Arunachal Pradesh 10,078 ft (3,072 m)
Imis La Ladakh 17,355 ft (5,290 m)
Indrahar Pass Himachal Pradesh 14,473 ft (4,411 m)
Jalori Pass Himachal Pradesh 10,280 ft (3,130 m)
Jelep La Sikkim 14,300 ft (4,400 m)
Kalindi Pass Uttarakhand 19,521 ft (5,950 m)
Karakoram Pass (Qara Tagh La) Ladakh 18,176 ft (5,540 m)
Khardung La Ladakh 16,187 ft (4,934 m)
Khunjerab Pass Ladakh 17,582 ft (5,359 m)
Kongka Pass Ladakh 16,965 ft (5,171 m)
Kumjawng Pass Arunachal Pradesh 9,609 ft (2,929 m)
Kaldang Kildang La Ladakh 13,425 ft (4,092 m)
Kunzum Pass Himachal Pradesh 14,931 ft (4,551 m)
Lamkhaga Pass Himachal Pradesh 17,336 ft (5,284 m)
Lanak Pass Ladakh 17,933 ft (5,466 m)
Lekhapani Pass Arunachal Pradesh 13,123 ft (4,000 m)
Lipulekh Pass Uttarakhand 17,500 ft (5,300 m)
Lungalacha La Ladakh 16,600 ft (5,100 m)
Mana Pass Uttarakhand 18,192 ft (5,545 m)
Mangsha Dhura Uttarakhand
Marsimik La Ladakh 18,314 ft (5,582 m)
Mayodia Pass Arunachal Pradesh 8,711 ft (2,655 m)
Mintaka Pass Ladakh
Muling La Uttarakhand 18,599 ft (5,669 m)
Nama Pass Uttarakhand 17,100 ft (5,200 m)
Namika La Ladakh 12,139 ft (3,700 m)
Nathu La Sikkim 14,140 ft (4,310 m)
Niti Pass Uttarakhand
Palakkad Gap Kerala

750 ft (230 m)

Pangsau Pass Arunachal Pradesh 3727 ft
Parpik Pass Ladakh
Pensi La Ladakh
Pir-Panjal Pass Jammu and Kashmir
Rezang La Ladakh
Rohtang Pass Himachal Pradesh

13,051 ft (3,978 m)

Sasser Pass Ladakh 17,753 ft (5,411 m)
Sela Pass Arunachal Pradesh 14,000 ft (4,300 m)
Sengottai Kerala 690 ft (210 m)
Shashi La Ladakh 13,989 ft (4,264 m)
Shingo La Ladakh
Shipki La Himachal Pradesh 12,900 ft (3,900 m)
Sia La Ladakh 18,337 ft (5,589 m)
Sin La Uttarakhand 18,028 ft (5,495 m)
Spangur Gap Ladakh
Tanglang La (Thang La) Ladakh 17,583 ft (5,359 m)
Thamarassery Kerala 1,700 ft (520 m)
Traill’s Pass Uttarakhand 17,100 ft (5,200 m)
Umling La Ladakh 19,300 ft (5,900 m)
Zojila Pass Ladakh 12,400 ft (3,800 m)

List of Important Passes in India PDF Download

Here you are provided with the direct link to download the List of Important Passes in India PDF.

Important Passes in India PDF

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