ISRO Chairman List PDF 2023-24

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The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO ) is the national space agency of India. And the headquarter of ISRO is located in Bengaluru. It operates under the Department of Space (DOS). The Prime Minister of India directly oversees DOS. The Chairman of ISRO also acts as the executive of DOS. ISRO is the primary agency in India to perform tasks related to space-based applications. It also works in the field o space exploration and the development of related technologies. It is one of six government space agencies in the world that possess full launch capabilities, deploy cryogenic engines, launch extra-terrestrial missions and operate large fleets of artificial satellites.

ISRO Charman List 2023

The chairman of ISRO is the statutory head of the Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO). The officeholder is the secretary of the Govt. of India. And the chairman is also an executive of the Department of Space which directly reports to the Prime Minister of India. The Indian National Committee for space(INCOSPAR) was in 1962 under the department of atomic energy. Vikram Sarabhai was its chairperson. In 1965 it became ISRO. And in 1972 government of India set up a space commission and DoS. After that ISRO was brought under DoS.

All Chairman List of ISRO

The first chairman of ISRO was Dr. Vikram Sarabhai. A complete list of the chairman is given below.

ISRO Chairman        Tenure    Length of Term
1.  Vikram Sarabhai  From 1963 to 1972  9 years
2. M. G. K. Menon  From Jan. 1972 to Sept. 1972  9 months
3. Satish Dhawan  From 1972 to 1984  12 years
4. Prof. U R Rao  From 1984 to 1994  10 years
5. K. Kasturirangan  From 1994 to 2003  9 years
6. G. Madhavan Nair  From 2003 to 2009  6 years
7. K. Radhakrishnan  From 2009 to 2014  5 years
8. Shailesh Nayak  From 1 Jan. 2015 to 12 Jan. 2015  12 days
9. A. S. Kiran Kumar  From 2015 to 2018  3 years
10. K. Sivan  From Jan 2018 to 2022  4 years
11. S Somanath  From Jan 2022 to Know incumbent

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