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A stadium is used for playing outside sports, Concerts, and many other events. There are arrangements in the stadium for people to sit and enjoy games and concerts. The design of stadiums that spectators can enjoy the events comfortably. Delhi is the national capital of India. And Delhi NCR area is the most developed area in all the country. NCR consists of 4 states and UTs. These states and UTs are Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Delhi itself. Below is the article, we are going to tell you about the stadiums that are available in Delhi. Some of these stadiums are vastly popular all over the country.

Stadiums in Delhi – List of Delhi Stadiums

India is a sports enthusiast country. And the sport that is dear to all the people of Indians is Cricket. But when it comes to Delhi there are sports facilities for many different sports. The Sports Stadiums in Delhi showcase the sporting prowess of the Indian people. These people come from different states from all over the country. The sports stadiums in Delhi are capable of accommodating different sporting events. The stadiums in Delhi are usually of a horse-shoe shape. The sports stadiums in Delhi also help to promote Indian excellence in both team-based sporting activities like cricket and football as well as individual performance games like athletics and tennis.

Delhi Stadium Name List 2023

We are giving below the list of stadiums in Delhi.

S.No. Name of the Stadiums City Games
1 Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Delhi Football
2 Feroz Shah Kota Stadium Delhi Cricket
3 Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium Delhi Hockey
4 Ambedkar Stadium Delhi Football
5 Chhatrasal Stadium Delhi Sports and Games
6 Indira Gandhi Arena Delhi Sports and Games
7 Talkatora Stadium Delhi Sports and Games

Details on Delhi Stadiums Name List

We are going to tell you some details about the stadiums that are widely known all over the country and all over the world. Some of these stadiums organize many International Sporting events. And been host for many successful concerts and many different events. These stadiums witnessed many different events for decades.

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

The stadium was built-in 1982 to host the 9th Asian Games. This stadium is named after the first Prime Minister of India. The stadium is a multipurpose stadium. The all-seater facility seats 60,000 spectators, and up to 100,000 for concerts. This is the home ground of the national football team of India. This is the 27th largest stadium in Asia and 103rd largest stadium in the World in terms of seating capacity. From past decades the stadium has witnessed many successful events. Some of these events are like 2010 Commonwealth Games, 2013 South Asian Games.

Indira Gandhi Arena

Indira Gandhi stadium was built in 1883. The stadium is located in the  Indraprastha Estate in the eastern region of Delhi. The facility seats 25,000 people. And the stadium is named after the former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. The arena’s grounds cover an area of 102 acres (0.41 km2). This stadium hosted the 2010 Commonwealth Game. This is one of the finest stadiums in India.

Feroz Shah Kota Stadium

The stadium was built in 1883. The stadium is one of the finest cricket stadiums in India. The name of the stadium recently changed to Arun Jaitley. The cricket has the capacity to host 60,000 cricket fans in one sitting. This is the second oldest cricket stadium still functioning. The stadium is upgraded now and floodlights available for the day-night cricket match also. The stadium has witnessed the history of cricket for decades. The first test match between India and West Indies in 1948 was played here. The first ODI was played between India and Sri Lanka in 1982.

Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium

Major Dhyan Chand Stadium is filled with all modern sports facilities. There are facilities for athletes to train with help of modern technology. It is the training center for cricket, basketball, squash, tennis, etc. Members and guests also enjoy dance shows, exhibitions,s, and musical programs.

Delhi Stadiums List With Sports Facilities

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